Happy Halloween!

BOO! If you still haven’t picked up CHKN yet or your friend needs a copy, now is the time. The Halloween Steam sale is on! Halloween Team Stream! Join [...]

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Design a Boss for CHKN!

Enter our boss design challenge! Your boss creature could be featured in a future game release, standing guard over some epic loot and striking fear into the hearts of [...]

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Community Workshop Spotlight & SXSW Recap

Community Creatures We’re super impressed by the creatures you guys have been saving to the Workshop! Here are three of our favorites. Download them to your game to try [...]

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CHKN v0.1.13 Patch Notes: Mech Dino, Stairs and Bug Fixes!

We are happy to announce that the v0.1.13 patch is now live! We were originally going to just release a Mech Dino, but we fixed a lot of bugs that players were reporting, and took the weekend to make those fixes and improvements.

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Mech Dino Release Postponed.

We are postponing the mech dino release that we had scheduled for today. In addition to adding the dinosaur parts we are also patching bugs and balancing conflicts. This required a new save format. We have created a method to update saves to this new format but we have discovered a critical bug that causes saved game to not work. We are currently working on it but we need enough time to test to make sure it works before we release it to you.

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DEV LOG: Art Update with animations, early concept art, and more!

Well, hello everyone! It's been awhile since we had a chat. Today we wanted to share with you some behind-the-scenes of our creature animating process, and also share some articles we wrote on the art and backstory of CHKN!

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It’s big! It’s scary! It…can’t tie its own shoes…

Powered by consuming lifeblocks, these mechanical beasts are used by the Poachers to hunt you and your creatures down. All the cheeseburgers in the world can't tame this dino while under the control of the Poachers. Instead, build a creature up to the task of taking it down, and then you can use Poacher technology for your own!

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The Poachers are here! Prepare for battle!

The Poacher update is here! After nearly killing each other QA'ing the past couple days, we are happy to introduce you to your latest nemesis. We also have a few notes about the update that you should definitely read.

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Weekend Screenshot Challenge: Playtime!





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The Steam Summer Sale is here! CHKN is now on sale.

Buy CHKN from now until July 4th for $11.99! Get it while the gettin's good. If you are new to CHKN, WELCOME! We are happy to have you on the CHKN Army! We are releasing an update next week with Poachers, so now is a good time to become part of this crazy family of abomination tamers. 

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