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[Patch Notes] v0.2.2 Now Available!

CHKN version 0.2.2 is released! We’ve got updates to difficulty balance and poachers, UI display, performance optimization, crafting and resource drop rates, animations, and tons more. Here’s the big list of all the improvements and fixes: NEW FEATURES: Added advanced video options to allow fine tuning of performance “Nuke” item added to Creative Mode: clears out an entire section of land for easier building! IMPROVEMENTS: Optimized game logic to run less often where possible: should see FPS improvement in areas with many creatures Made FPS more consistent by assembling/disassembling objects [...]

January 24th, 2017|Dev Blog, New Builds, Screen Captures, Updates|

[Patch Notes] v0.2.1: Bug Fixes & Improved Performance

Happy New Year, everyone. Thanks for all your feedback on the Adventure Update! We’ve got a new patch for you today full of optimizations, improvements, and bug fixes. If you were having trouble with framerate (lag), loading times, or crashing specifically, this patch should help quite a bit. NOTE: Folks on 32-bit operating systems who were getting “invalid platform” errors will now skip the error but will likely crash during loading. We’re still working on this! We hope to bring back 32-bit support soon. Until then, the previous version is [...]

January 4th, 2017|Dev Blog, New Builds|

Adventure Update v0.2.0!

It’s here! The Adventure Update (v0.2.0) is now released, just in time for the holidays. There’s still some work to do but we really want to get the update out to everyone and start getting your feedback on the new features. You’ll find some build highlights and the full patch notes below. We’ve also added a link to our bug/known issues list for your reference. Onward! What’s New There are a LOT of improvements, updates, and brand new features in this build, with a big focus on Adventure Mode and [...]

December 22nd, 2016|Announcements, Dev Blog, New Builds, Updates|

Dev Log: Progress Report #4

Heya! It’s been two weeks since our last progress report so it’s time to check in and give you a few quick updates. Build/Release Status If you’ve been playing on the Pre-Release, you know we’ve made a lot of progress (with your help) but it’s still not quite ready. We’ve started pushing updated builds almost daily and the plan is to continue doing that until we feel it’s ready for everyone. We estimate another week or two. Greg, John, and Roman discussing your bugs and feedback for today’s tasks. [...]

December 9th, 2016|Dev Blog, Updates|

Dev Log: Progress Report #3 & New Release Update

Greetings, friends! We’re drinking a lot of caffeine and working hard on the next release. (Who needs sleep, right?!) Here’s another batch of sneak peeks for you, as well as an update on the release schedule since the build isn’t quite ready yet. More info on that down below! Sneak Peeks Adventure Mode now starts you off inside some mysterious ruins, where you’ll learn the ropes and find an equally mysterious glowy egg. Creatures can now power structures! Here’s a cat-thing running on a treadmill to power a saw mill. [...]

November 22nd, 2016|Dev Blog, New Builds, Screen Captures, Updates|