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[Patch Notes] v0.3.3 – Multiplayer Party System

Creatures above created by mary_wooten and Super Engineer. Happy Thursday! Today’s patch has multiplayer, creature building, and performance improvements; a Workshop update; and some bug fixes. We’ll get right to the notes so you can see what’s new... NEW FEATURES: Multiplayer Party System! Form parties with friends in multiplayer to create CO-OP or PVP teams Creatures will be shared with other party members. No more accidental creature fights! Friends in your party will not take damage from your fists/weapons. No more friendly fire! Go team! (Careful, though. You can still [...]

April 6th, 2017|Announcements, Community, Dev Blog, New Builds|

Happy Birthday, CHKN!

April Fool’s! Okay, just kidding. No joke, CHKN really does turn one year old today! Pretty amazing, right? We just want to say THANKS to all of you. Since we’re building this game with the community, we definitely couldn’t have gotten to this milestone without you. So thank you CHKN players, testers, designers, artists, video creators, streamers, veterans, Workshop-ers, explorers, multiplayers, Tweeters, and sharers. You guys inspire us every day! We collect and watch your videos in our YouTube channel, awe at your creature combinations in the Workshop, love your [...]

April 1st, 2017|Announcements, Community|

Community Workshop Spotlight & SXSW Recap

Community Creatures We’re super impressed by the creatures you guys have been saving to the Workshop! Here are three of our favorites. Download them to your game to try them out. PlantCat by RobotSpider Torrent by DJlivewire Tarantuplant by octability We definitely want to keep spotlighting your awesome creatures. If you have any Workshop favorites (your own or made by others), let us know! You can post them in the Workshop forums or even Tweet them to us. CHKN Run Roman’s got a new Workshop Worlds example for you to [...]

March 24th, 2017|Community, Miscellaneous|

[Patch Notes] v0.3.2 – Multiplayer Fixes & Workshop Features

Happy Friday! We’ve got some requested multiplayer improvements (like private games) and new Workshop features in this patch. For the modders out there, we’ve also added an early, bare bones version of Lua scripting that we’ve been working on for testing. If you’re brave and try it out, please let us know about any feedback you have or bugs you find! Here are the patch notes with more info and demos, as well as the included improvements and bug fixes. Patch Notes NEW FEATURES Workshop Worlds Share your whole saved [...]

March 10th, 2017|Announcements, Demos, Dev Blog, New Builds, Screen Captures, Updates|

[Patch Notes] v0.3.1 – Breeding & More

Hi, everyone! We’ve got another update for you today with a hatchery for breeding, scenario spawning, creature-building improvements with voxels, Workshop and multiplayer updates, and a load of improvements and bug fixes. Thanks so much for all your feedback and bug reports! It really helps us improve CHKN and get these updates out to you more quickly. Please keep them coming!~ Here are the full notes for this patch: NEW FEATURES Creature breeding! Craft a hatchery to allow your tamed creatures to lay eggs.  Feed them to speed up the [...]

March 2nd, 2017|Announcements, Community, Dev Blog, New Builds, Screen Captures, Updates|