Happy Tuesday, everyone! Here’s a list of patch notes for the latest Pre-Release update. Bugs are always expected in these work-in-progress builds so we could really use your help testing! We appreciate any bug reports and feedback you send our way on the Pre-Release forum.

* If you’re not familiar with Pre-Release, it’s the unstable developer branch we use for testing new stuff. More info here.

Patch Notes [Pre-Release v0.6.4]

New Features:

  • New Arena Mode – Exhibition Match:
    • Now there are two ways to play the Arena. In Exhibition Mode, battle creatures in 1 vs 1 matches. First to score 3 points wins! Play in spectator mode (CPU vs CPU) if you want to watch the action, or Player vs CPU if you want to control a creature directly in battle. Points are awarded by scoring a knockdown or by how well a creature did offensively before the round time ends.
    • Added in this “Exhibition” arena mode release:
      • Knockdowns trigger a snazzy slow down moment.
      • In the “corners” between rounds, apply bandages and feed to prepare for the next round.
      • New Arena art and sounds of crowds

  • Automated Cameras in Arena modes
    • Cameras will now automatically follow the creatures and capture all the action (when you’re not directly controlling a creature). If you want to control the camera yourself, launch a game in Elimination Mode.
  • Dev Console Added – Helpful for bug reports
    • This new console replaces the / (slash) commands previously used in the chat window.
    • Press ` (accent) to access the dev console.
    • Use /help to view all available commands.
    • You can now output logs directly from console, which is especially useful when sending us bug reports. Use the /savetxt command and find your file in your CHKN directory. (Usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\CHKN\ on Windows.)


  • Many creature building improvements

    • Click to select block/place is back, in addition to the existing drag & drop mode.
    • Lock mode added that lets you repeatedly reuse a selected block.
      • When toggled on, whatever block you currently have selected in the Life Block tray can be used repeatedly, without re-selecting it each time.
      • Toggle it off to clear the selection and allow for manipulating blocks already placed on the creature.
    • Traits added. Traits are automatically granted based off how a creature is built.
    • Undo/Redo functionality improved
    • Builder UI simplified and cleaned up (better creature filtering selection, clearer Life Block tooltips, consolidated tool buttons, improved block highlighting, cleaner abilities browsing/selecting, etc.)
    • Code stabilized and many bugs squashed
    • Block/Block chain rotation fixes
    • Bug fixes with interacting with root block
  • Creature animation system updates
    • Fixes to bounds issues, strikes, block separation, leg bends, creature look direction, root identification for certain block configurations
    • Animation smoothing improvements
    • Creature flinching functional again
  • Creature block changes
    • Added icons for updated creature Life Blocks. (There are still a few missing that we’ll add on the next pass.)
    • Half-sized crab blocks added (will be adding more in the future)
    • Fixes to leg animations, snake texturing, highlight materials
    • Fur visual improved
  • Crafting/Character screens overhauled… again!
    • UX made consistent, fullscreen UI, and cleaned up look
    • Many bugs squashed
    • Unneeded features have been removed

New fullscreen character/inventory tab.

  • UI overhaul (in progress)
    • Changing all screens to work in fullscreen for all aspect ratios.
    • Creatures in UI now animate and can be rotated with the mouse
    • Compare creature power with a new stats radar graphic.
      • Stats themselves are still being adjusted. Once we’ve standardized this, the radar will become more clear.
    • Arena mode selection and options now broken into its own flow

New fullscreen, animated Arena creature selection! Some creatures are angrier than others.

Bug Fixes:

  • Pathfinding fixes. Creatures should no longer walk through walls.
  • Dog buffs now properly increase stats.
  • Electric shock ability now uses energy.
  • Multiplayer world syncing improved (trees/bushes) in Creative Mode. NOTE: Initial connect is still buggy. You may have to try multiple times.

Quick links for testers:

  • Instructions for how to get on Pre-Release
  • Please post your bugs and feedback on our forums
  • You can also join us on our CHKN discord to post bugs, feedback, or questions (or just hang out!)

Thank you for helping us test these updates! We hope you like them.

– Team CHKN